Contract offer to provide services for publication of the work (scientific paper) in «Vestnik psikhiatrii i psikhologii Chuvashii» («The Bulletin of Chuvash Psychiatry and Psychology») journal

Federal State Educational Budget Institution of Higher Education «The Ulianov Chuvash State University», which is the founder and publisher of “Vestnik psikhiatrii i psikhologii Chuvasii” (“The Bulletin of Chuvash Psychiatry and Psychology”) journal, from the name of the rector Aleksandrov Andrei Yurievich operating on the basis of the Charter, further called Licensee, on one hand and the work’s (paper’s) author (authors), further called Licensor, on the other hand, have concluded the present Contract as follows.

1. Subject of a contract

1.1. This contract is a contract offer. If Licensor (the author) grants to Licensee (the publisher) for publishing his work by any possible way, i.e. in handwritten / printed / electronic version Licensor automatically accepts the terms of this agreement.

1.2. Licensor grants to Licensee non-exclusive rights to use his work in due to contractual limits and fixed terms.

1.3. Licensor warrants that he has the exclusive copyright to the work transferred to the Licensee.

2. The rights and obligations of the parties

2.1. Licensor grants to Licensee following rights for up to ten years:

2.1.1. Right to reproduce the work (publication, disclosure, duplication, reproduction or other reproduction of the work) without limited edition copies. In addition, each copy of the work must include the name of the author of the work;

2.1.2. The right to distribute the product by any way;

2.1.3. The right to revise the work (creation of a new, independent creative work on its basis) and the right to make changes in the product, not representing its processing;

2.1.4. Right for publicity and demonstration of the work in information, advertising and other purposes;

2.1.5. Right for communication to the public of the work and its metadata, including through the Internet;

2.1.6. The right fully or partially to assign contractual provisions received under this contract to the third parties without payment of remuneration to Licensor, as well as the right of translation into foreign languages, with accommodation in foreign publications.

2.2. Licensor warrants that the product transferred to Licensee hereunder is an original piece.

2.3. Licensor warrants that this product was not transferred to reproduce or otherwise use before anyone officially (i.e. formally signed contract). If the work has already been published, Licensor should notify the Licensee.

2.4. Licensor transferred its rights to Licensee hereunder based on a non-exclusive license.

2.5. Licensee agrees to comply the relevant statutory copyright, Licensor’s copyright, as well as to protect them and to take all possible measures to prevent copyright infringement by third parties.

2.6. The land on which permitted the use of rights to the work is not limited.

2.7. Acceptance of terms of this Contract offer constitutes acceptance of the Licensor for processing personal data provided by the Licensee.

3. Responsibilities of the parties

3.1. Licensor and Licensee bear financial and other legal responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation for non-performance or improper performance of its obligations hereunder.

3.2. Party improperly performed or failed to perform its obligations under this contract, is required to compensate for losses caused to the other party, including lost profits.

4. Final provisions

4.1. All disputes and differences between the parties arising out of the terms of this agreement shall be settled by negotiation, and if its failed, these disputes are to be settled in court in accordance with the current legislation.

4.2. Termination of this agreement is possible at any time with mutual consent of the parties with obligatory signing of the corresponding agreement about this.

4.3. Unilaterally termination of this agreement is possible in cases stipulated by law or by court order.

4.4. In all cases not provided in this contract parties shall be governed by applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

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